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Ready to master Mindfulness, Emotion Regulation, Distress Tolerance & Interpersonal Effectiveness? 

I offer 4 unique DBT skills coaching packages designed with your needs.  

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Mental Wellness Coaching

An updated approach to mental health designed for life in 2020.  DBT based coaching to help you achieve optimal functioning in your life.  Best of both worlds - incorporates all of my therapy knowledge with the less formal & more authentic coach/client relationship.  Gain control of your emotions and set your life on a new path!

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90 Day DBT Bootcamp

3 Months to Change Your Life!! This is my most intensive program.   Designed to help you change lifelong patterns and set the foundation for developing your Life Worth Living!

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Soul Healing

Coaching for Trauma

As a society our souls have all bore traumas.  Soul healing is my approach to processing and moving beyond the effects of trauma within a coaching relationship.  

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Specializing in Working With

The Dialectical Behavior Therapy Skills can be especially helpful for those who experience their emotions as extreme, overwhelming or hard to control. 

Borderline & Narcissistic Personality 


Highly Sensitive People (HSP)


& Empaths


Kink & Poly Communities

Complex Trauma


Mental Wellness Coaching by Jamie

Why coaching? 

My coaching practice is the natural progression of my therapy practice as I have grown as a human being.  Over the years I have become disillusioned with the mental health model and health care industry in general.  My coaching practice draws upon all of the skills of my therapy practice, but allows the client and I more freedom to be relaxed and human.  The dynamic is different.  It's more casual & truthfully it more accurately fits my soul and my gifts. Coaching also allows clients more guaranteed privacy, as there is no mandated documentation or the creation or records that could be subpoenaed**.  

What is Mental Wellness Coaching?

Coaching is a collaboration of two souls.  Those who are looking for coaching are often looking to achieve something that they absolutely know is within their capability but for whatever reason they have been unable to make happen on their own.   Our specific style of Synergy Coaching incorporates DBT skills and strategies to help you learn to identify and then change ineffective behaviors in your life.  As a coach I am your equal in this journey in life.  You come to the table as the expert on your personal experience.  While my expertise is in my ability to see deficits and help you create a framework for approaching areas where you consistently struggle.  This approach is tailored to each clients specific needs, and I apply it to clients who are coming from all sorts of places from the CEO who is super high functioning at work but struggles in relationships with family to the person with multiple mental health diagnoses whose seen a half dozen therapists and never really felt better.  

My Role as your Coach

As your coach I'm like the Robin to your Batman.  I become your sidekick and pal to help you navigate this period in your life.  I get to know you for who you really are.  Which guess what? Happens to be one of my ninja-therapy skills that I'm really good at.  And then we look at your goals together.  It's my job to challenge you to think about things in a  different way then you already do.  Sometimes, I'll ask you to delve deeper below the surface to figure out the motivation behind an action or an unhelpful belief that is getting in your way.  There will be assignments.  Because change doesn't happen just from talking - change happens from doing.  And guess what?! The bigger your goals, the more work you will have to put in between sessions to get them.  I'll also be available to you to reach out for support or comfort when things get trying - think like a good friend or a grandma. 

How is Coaching different from Psychotherapy?

Coaching differs from counseling in the type of relationship we have.  In counseling, clients attend sessions with a medical provider who helps them to address mental health issues.  Therapists are expected to be emotionally uninvolved and keep distance from their clients.  Self disclosure is limited.   In coaching we are just two people who come together with the same goal - to help you achieve whatever has brought you through my door.  I'm not some cold expert on a couch, instead I am your mate on this journey. 

How I Coach

As your coach, I ask questions, encourage, advise (a huge no-no in therapy), challenge, make requests and listen for your "essence."  We work together to set plans of action, and then I provide accountability for follow through.  My goal is to help you be consistent with who you are in terms of your goals, your values and your vision and your outcomes.  My focus is on you, what you want and how you can best get it. 
 In addition, you will learn the DBT skills so that you have a toolkit for understanding and maintaining control over your emotions.  

Note Regarding HIPPA & Confidentiality 

In Texas, the only legally privileged communication is between legal counsel and clients.  Mental health records can be subpoenaed in a variety of situations - divorce, substance use, custody, assault, etc... The coaching paradigm offers a way to approach services without creating these documents.  

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