Coaching Intake Form

Please fill out the Coaching Intake form prior to our initial meeting. The form includes several questions that require self-inquiry and evaluation. Please set aside time without distraction to complete it.  These questions were designed to help germinate the seeds of change before we begin our work.



LENS Consent Form

Consent for LENS treatment.  Please also see the instructions below for filling out the online sensitivity forms prior to your first session.


Need a manual? You can order Your DBT Skills book directly through my Amazon affiliate link here!

New Clients - Please connect to the OchsLabs web portal (via the picture above or the Forms button below) at least 24 hours prior to session to fill out the 3 personal reporting forms.  For many these forms will take approximately 10-15 minutes to complete.  For those with cognitive or memory issues, allow yourself more time.  You are welcome to ask someone close to you for help in filling out the forms.  The data from these forms is crucial for assessment & treatment planning and an initial session cannot be performed without it. 

When I confirm your appointment, I will ask for the email address that you provided in this system.  This is your unique log-in and you will use it throughout your course of LENS.  I cannot access your data if I do have the appropriate email address. 

Returning Clients - Each week after session (ideally 24-48 hrs), I would like you to log-in with your email address and fill out the CNS report questionnaire.  This report asks about your current experience of the 10 symptoms your rated highest in your initial assessment.  The data provided again is crucial & helps us determine the course of action for your next session. 

OchsLabs Login