Dialectical Behavior Therapy Skills Coaching

Even though emotions are literally part of every minute of our life, most of us receive no formal education about them.  If you are lucky enough to grow up in a healthy environment, you likely gleaned healthy patterns from your family.  For those of us that had chaotic or unpredictable childhoods, we picked up unhelpful patterns of dealing with emotions.  The good news is....emotions are fairly simple to understand!  Once you understand them, you can control them.  The DBT skills provide a framework for understanding and controlling emotions.  

I am a firm believer that absolutely everyone could benefit from learning the DBT Skills!  Marsha Linehan developed this combined approach of over 50 skills to help her clients achieve the lasting change they so desperately desired.  Building on a foundation of Mindfulness, clients also learn Emotion Regulation, Distress Tolerance & Interpersonal Effectiveness skills.  When combined together, the skills provide a comprehensive framework for approaching any situation involving emotion - no matter how intense!  

I offer a variety of approaches to learning the DBT Skills, as I believe they should be accessible for everyone.  All levels include instruction + homework assignments personally reviewed by me.  The goal is not jut to learn the material, but to get out and start using it in your life!!

Skills Modules


The foundation of all skills. Mindfulness teaches us how to be present in every moment & is divided into "What" (Observed, Describe & Participate) and "How" (Non-Judgmental, Effective, One-mindful) Skills. Wise mind teaches us how to connect with our innate truth and not make decisions swayed by emotions.

Distress Tolerance

Skills to be used specifically in times of high emotional activation and stress. We think of these as the skills you use to make sure you don't make bad situations worse. Distress tolerance behaviors are concerned with tolerating and surviving crises and with accepting life as it is in the moment. Divided into Crisis Survival Strategies and Acceptance Skills.

Interpersonal Effectiveness

Skills for effectively communicating with others similar to those taught in some assertiveness and interpersonal problem-solving classes. These skills include effective strategies for asking for what one needs, how to assertively say ‘no,’ and learning to cope with inevitable interpersonal conflict

Emotion Regulation

Think of this module like Emotions 101 - where you learn all the basics about emotions, how they work, what their roles are in survival, when certain emotions are/are not justified, and how to change them when your emotions are preventing you from achieving your goals.

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