Mental Wellness Coaching Process

Step 1: Schedule a Meet & Greet - Take advantage of an opportunity to meet and chat for 30 minutes. We can meet up at any location of your choosing - your home or work, my home office, over a coffee, or via FaceTime, This is an opportunity for both of us to see if we "vibe" together. Because this is a collaborative relationship, the better the fit, the more likely you get the results you want.

Step 2: Initial Appointment - In the first appointment we typically spend 1.5-2 hours together. During this time my goal is to get to know not only what you want to accomplish from working together, but also who you really are, what you're about & how you approach life.

Step 3: Goal & Timeline Setting - Our second official session is spent structuring our approach. We clearly define and outline goals and then create a tentative schedule for our work together. We also cope ahead for what could be your biggest obstacles in this process.

Step 4: We Get to Work - The rest of our time together is spent implementing your plan. Each session we check in on goals and homework assignments, problem solve areas that aren't working and refine our plan around what we've learned so far.

Step 5: Achieve Your Goals - When you take what we have discussed together and implement it in your life, change happens. You see the those elusive goals you may have always wished for actually coming within reach. That is the beauty of coaching - being able to use the power of connection and collaboration with another human being to achieve what you have struggled to on your own.

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